Upper Yough Poem by Sue Melbourne

Upper Yough Poem by Sue Melbourne

Upper Yough


Smiles abound as we arrive at the Upper Yough

With Natasha Bedingfield belting our tunes

We gather our gear, run shuttle and rejoice in another perfect day in the outdoors

Not another soul on the river, at the put-in or the take-out throughout the day

Freedom, courage, strength, independence, friendship, peace

Satisfaction fills us as we paddle and marvel at the beauty around us

Good friends, at peace with the world, at one with the river

We savor every splash, every ray of sunshine on our faces, and every sweet ride through the rapids

Nature is perfection and we are reminded of what matters

Ecstatic, thankful to be here, we indulge our senses, fill our hearts and free our souls.


-Sue Melbourne