Swiftwater Rescue Certifications

Members Moving with Purpose.

Since the beginning of our club we've wanted to paddle the whitewater of south western Pennsylvania and we have. We've learned as we paddled and understand that people come out of their boats and swim whitewater. As a club we stay together and assist one another when boaters are in need. Understanding how to rescue in a whitewater situation is also an important factor and that's why we hire swiftwater rescue instructors to teach clinics.

For years we've been honored to have great instructors such as Charlie Walbridge and Clay Wright to name a few, putting on clinics for various methods of SWR and kayaking techniques. It's something were passionate about for our members safety on the water. Knowing what to do, when to do it and moving with purpose gives our members confidence to boat together in any whitewater they choose.

Check out some of our TRPC members at the Charlie Walbridge Swiftwater Rescue Clinic on the Cheat River.


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