Stoney Creek Rendezvous Smack Down by Swam

Stoney Creek Rendezvous Smack Down by Swam

Stoney Creek Rendezvous Smack Down by Swam

Stoney Creek Rendezvous Smack Down


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Place: Stoney Canyon

Boaters: Swam, Bobby B, Noll, Brokeback Dave, Deb, E-Dawg, Crissy


The Brain was going wild from Brokeback Trailer at Nemi West, that boy was on the line all morning telling peop’s that he was gonna do Daugherty, drakes, meadow, roaring, the sandy and so on. The Brain had an itch that your typical Lamisil had no chance of curing. We decided to blow off the brokeback crew and head for the stoney even though they had big plans for the day.

After a 9:00 meet at the stoney, we convinced Dave to do the canyon and we were off. We put in at the ball field so Dave could get a little warm up before showers. This was Dave’s virgin run. At showers, Dave, no hesitation, was gone, he was going to be the first one to run it, never even looking at it. Dave nailed the hole and flipped immediately. The thought in all our minds was “oh shit, this is going to be a long day.” Dave set up, and nailed his roll, wow, congrats on the combat wombat man.

As the day grew on we played out butt’s off and didn’t have much more smack.

Later on at the campground Dave was spotted strolling solo, double fisted, with a swagger that could only be imitated by John Wayne Himself.

After quite a few beers we all hit the sack early with hopes of meadow or drakes the next day.


After an early wake up call we headed Confluence to check out Drakes and meet E and C at the meadow. After about an hour of pissing around, watching Martanical make the slides look easy we all decided to paddle the meadow.

Now the crew was Swam, Bobby B. E-Dawg, Noll, yeah I said Noll, Kurt K, the Brain, Martanical & Deb. Noll was looking forward to the cascades, though he has never seen them, he had heard a lot about them. As we approached the cascades, Noll advised that he didn’t want to look at em, so bombs away, one by one we went. Bringing up the rear was the Noller, over the lip, boofed right off the dip, and headed straight for the right bank. Someone said that he was looking for his wallet, others claim that he was clearing a trail for the park service, but anyway, Noll bumped his way down the cascades along and on the right bank and bounced off the last drop for a successful run, he was pumped. All went well till we got to the slides above 7ft when we had a couple peops do the turtle in some rocks and going for a swim. At 7ft, martin aced the eddy river right just above the drop, peeled out, and nailed the drop. The Brain, not to be showed up, headed for the same eddy. The Brain missed the eddy, and slowly slid out backwards over 7ft falls. With that said, he disappeared, and emerged like a bat out of hell about 10ft back from the falls.

Congrats to Noll, you looked very good.

Good weekend