Spring is springing!!! by Chrissy

Spring is springing!!! by Chrissy

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!! Spring is springing!!! A boater’s favorite season, it just energizes ya, doesn’t it. The mercury is rising, the rain is falling, the boat stays loaded on the vehicle just in case all meeting and clients cancel for the day. You look forward to your days off not because you won’t be at work, but because you’ll be on the RIVER!!!

So since I’m pretty wound up with spring fever, this will be shortJ

In the works/new business/things you might or might not be interested in:

  • The education committee (Jason Hilton) has been working on instructor forms for anyone willing and interested in providing specific skills instruction. Specific skills may be just river running in general, racing, creeking, playboating, etc.   A list of paddlers who are willing to teach in specific skill areas will be compiled and provided to club members and clinic students for further instructions after clinics.
  • A meeting place options committee has been formed to explore possibilities of a new meeting place. This does not mean that the meeting place will definitely change but we are exploring that avenue. If you have any suggestions for places, contact Sally Love at Sallyinbolivia@hotmail.com
  • National Downriver Team Trials are coming up very soon – April 14th and 15th on the Lower Yough. Since this is quite an honor for our little backyard playground, hopefully you all get a chance to be a spectator or even a volunteer helping out with safety, timing or otherwise. Volunteer organizer is Dave Mueller and can be reached at dmueller@verizon.net.
  • And since I have your attention, I just wanted to publicly thank everyone who has been serving as board members and as committee chairs and as trip leaders. We have a really awesome club and a lot of it is due to the people behind the scenes and those willing to share their passion.

That’s all I can think of right now. But we’ve got lots of outings and trips and exciting programs at meetings coming up. Hope to see you all at one of those soon.

Peace,hugs, and RAIN!!!