Paddling Goes Scientific by Craig Wassinger

Paddling Goes Scientific by Craig Wassinger

Paddling Goes Scientific by Craig Wassinger

Paddling Goes Scientific


Have you ever seen any of the new sports video games and wondered, “How can they create and recreate the images of people moving exactly as they would in real life?” Or have you seen movies like The Matrix and been amazed at the way Keanu Reeves can climb walls and do back flips around bullets? That stuff is simple. What if someone took a boater and had him paddle in a prototype kayak simulator, except instead of making movies or video games, they used it for scientific research to help prevent injuries?


That’s where I come in. My name is Craig Wassinger and I’m a physical therapist and doctoral student in Sports Medicine at Pitt. I am using 3-D technology to aid in injury prevention and performance enhancement in whitewater kayakers. I currently have two ongoing studies looking at different aspects of injury in kayakers. The first study is designed for expert kayakers (Class V). This study specifically targets shoulder movement and muscle activity. The other study is for people who kayak frequently (at least a few times a month) and is looking at kayaking movement before and after a core fatigue protocol (read “really hard abdominal workout”). These studies are the first ever to look at any movement analysis in whitewater boaters.


I am looking for volunteers to come in and be tested. I am very flexible with scheduling; testing sessions for both studies take about two hours. Testing takes place at the Center for Sports Medicine on the South Side (near Hot Metal Bridge and the South Side Works). If you are interested in helping me and want to check out some really cool technology in the area of injury prevention research at the same time, please contact me for more information about the studies and with any questions you have. There is some compensation for these studies. Thanks for your interest!


Contact Info:

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