Paddler Profile: Mark Pavkovich

Paddler Profile: Mark Pavkovich

Paddler Profile: Mark Pavkovich

Name: Mark Pavkovich

Years Paddling: 22 years

First Boat: Coleman Canoe

Currently Paddling: Mohawk Probe

Favorite Local River: I like Slippery Rock Creek because it's close to home and because it has everything you could want in a river, especially since it changes so drastically at different water levels.

Favorite River Anywhere: The Lower Big Sandy is beautiful and it "gets your attention"!

Who taught you to paddle? I first learned to paddle form Brad Schleer and Larry Wentzel, and I have picked up a lot on my own over the years.

Favorite song or music: Right now I listen to a lot of Sara McLaghlin.

First job: I worked at Coney Island in New Castle, PA. Best chili dogs in the region!

Current job: I am an installer with a cable company; I install cable, internet and telephone services.

If your canoe was an automobile? It would have to be a pick-up truck since I end up carrying a lot of stuff for other people.

Big volume river, steep creek or play spot? Steep Creek (see comment regarding Lower Big Sandy!)

What is the coolest wildlife you have seen while boating? I was by myself on the Lower Yough before 7:00 one morning and watched a 10-point buck swim across the pool below Cucumber. [Yeah, and I saw Bigfoot one time when I was by myself in the woods. Really.] [p.s. What is UP with all you guys paddling by yourselves???]

Worst swim ever? Fortunately, I have not had any bad swims.

Advice you would give to new paddlers? Learn the basics first. Also, try a canoe!

Favorite Movie? My most recent favorite is "A Lot Like Love".

When not kayaking? I like to backpack, bike and dragon boat. I didn't think I was a competitive person, but if I go to a dragon boat race, I want to win!

Dream Vacation(s)? I would love to see Russia. I lived in Germany for a year and a half and would like to go back.