Paddler Profile: Cindy McCormick

Paddler Profile: Cindy McCormick

Paddler Profile: Cindy McCormick

Name: Cindy McCormick (always known by her husband Gary as "She Who Must Be Obeyed" - please see picture)


Years Paddling: 17


First Boat: A lavendar Dancer - it was beautiful!


Currently Paddling: I am "demo-ing" boats like a maniac - EZG, Perception Spin, ZG, Chronic, Riot, Ace….if anyone has one of these, call me!


Favorite Local River: Lower Yough


Favorite River Anywhere: The Colorado - I'd go back in a heartbeat. The Ottawa is nice, too. I'd also like to paddle the Salmon River.


Favorite After-paddling hangout: I like to grab a beer at the Pub in Ohiopyle.


Favorite song or music: I am currently listening to String Cheese Incident. [Huh?]


Current job: Massage Therapist extraordinaire and proprietor of Centre Ave. Massage & Spa. [From personal experience, Cindy is an awesome massage therapist! Make an appointment with her by calling 412.661.7724 or check out the website at]


Big volume river, steep creek or play spot? I love a river with huge surf waves. I hope to get better at surfing.


What is the coolest wildlife you have seen while boating? [No, Cindy, seeing Gary with the infamous Billy Bass fish in his mouth does not count as seeing wildlife.] While paddling the Middle Yough, I saw a fisher chasing a mouse along the river bank. I also saw goats run through camp on our Grand Canyon trip. [Goats? Or Gary making odd noises?]


Worst swim ever? I was paddling the Cheat River in late March, maybe 1990 or 1991. I was in a wetsuit because I didn’t have a drysuit. I swam Coliseum. I had to carry my boat along the river to warm back up. The Glen Miller shuttle waited for me for an hour. Mike Bailey saw the whole thing.


Advice you would give to new paddlers? Go to roll classes! Get to a good roll class and practice all winter.


Dream Vacation(s)? I would love to go on a paddling expedition to South America.