Paddler Profile: Bob Kilbert

Paddler Profile: Bob Kilbert

Paddler Profile: Bob Kilbert

Name: Bob Kilbert


Years Paddling: Four Years


First Kayak: A purple Pyranha Creek 280


Currently Paddling: Eskimo Cerro


How did you decide to start kayaking? I tried it once and hated it. But while in training to be a raft guide (at Wilderness Voyagers) I got tired of hauling rafts, so I went out and bought a kayak, determined to love my new sport.


Who taught you to paddle? Jeff Prycl


Favorite river: Dry Fork of the Cheat


Steep creek or big waves? Big waves!


First job: Golf caddy at South Hills Country Club [See any gophers?]


Current job: I am the real life “Can you hear me now?” guy for Verizon Wireless. [I believe, kids, he means he tests the network. Whatever that means.]


Advice to new paddlers? Take a course and learn some basic river rescue skills. Know what to do with your throw rope – it’s not a clothesline! [I hear they also work in hog-tying one’s spouse, but that’s just what I heard]


Worst swim ever? It was at Pete Morgan’s during River Guide Training. I flipped in a duckie after Coliseum and couldn’t get back in the boat. Every time I tried, I’d end up back in the water. I took a beating the whole way down until the end of the rapid. I was finally able to get to the shore and get back in my duckie.


Dream Vacation? I’d love to paddle someplace warm, like Costa Rica.


Favorite apres-paddle meal/restaurant? Any Mexican food. [You should have seen him clear “muchos nachos” at Rio Grande after running the Narrows.]


When not paddling? Snowboarding and spelunking. [Next time you see Bob, ask him about wrestling in Ramen noodles at the secret closed meetings he sometimes attends!!]