New River Trip Kids Report

New River Trip Kids Report

By Katy Knechtel

Age 8.5

When we went on our new River Trip, we got in rafts or kayaks. I rode in a raft. We went through rapids, the first rapid was little. Then on flat water Colton, Trenton and I walked on the edge of the raft. I never fell off!


The next rapids were small too. Then we got to jump rock. It is a big rock that you can jump off of or take your kayak off of the rock. It is really really fun. We ate lunch there.


We got back in our raft and started off again. We went through a lot more rapids till we got to a big hole called surprise. It was the biggest rapid of the river. We stayed at the edge of this rapid because it was too big for us. Instead we went to the rocks beside it and swam in the river after wards. After the next rapid there was a rope swing that we swung on lots of times.


Soon we were at the end of our trip and we had to get out. I wanted to do more! I had so much fun that I want to go again today, but I have to wait till next year.



By Colton Knechtel

Age 6


2 My favorite part of the trip was going on the rapids. I like going in the rapids because your raft goes up and down and you get water in your face and in your boat.


My favorite rapid was Surprise rapid. We just went on the edge but I still liked it because we got a lot of water in our face and boat. I liked jumping off of Jump Rock too.



By Robin Wehman

Age 9

3 For the trip we had lots of packing and packing to do. We had a really,
really long drive into West Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. I got to stay
up late, but I only slept there one night. I missed my cat. I tackled Zak a
bunch of times and sneaked up on him and scared the heck out of him.

The next morning we had to hurry up and eat breakfast and put our gear on. I
went in a raft. The water was warm. We went though a gigantic hole that
looked huge from the beginning, but puny as a pea from the end. We jumped
off a huge rock called “jump rock.” The first time I smacked my butt! And we
jumped off a humongous rope that was kind-of thick. We filled up the boat
with water and squired squirt guns.

I saw all my kayaking buddies there: Katie, Zookie, Austin, Big Zak, Little
Zach, Trapper, Connor, Matt, Candy, my mom, my dad (even though he sabotaged
me!) and Darrin who kicked me out of my raft (next time I’m gonna get him





By Austin France

Age 9

I had a great time rafting. My favorite was the jump rock and the rope swing. Everyone was nice. I liked going through the bid waves. I really liked swimming in the river. It was warm. I loved meeting all the new people. Camping was fun with all my friends. So when is the next trip? Thank you, Sue and Jeff for the great time. See you next year!






By Zack France

Age 10

My favorite thing of the whole trip was the squirt gun fight at the beginning. I liked the jump rock and rope swing to. People were doing all kinds of tricks and flips. The thing I didn’t like was the 4 ½ hour drive to rays campground. I didn’t like when matt tried to flip me in my kayak. (But he didn’t Ha Ha)

THE WAVES WERE COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       THE NEW ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!