Three Rivers Paddling Club Conservation

TRPC conquers whitewater rivers with kayaks, with canoes, and with conservation. TRPC helps conserve Southwestern PA rivers by cleaning while they boat, contributing their time to specific river projects, and donating towards river conservation.


Conserving rivers with each paddle

Being responsible while they're having fun, TRPC members pick up trash as well as clear dangerous brush as they paddle.

Continual whitewater conservation, Jeff Englert, Chairperson:

“Our paddling buddies will get out of their boat, pick up garbage, put it in their boat, and take it down and throw it away. That goes for all kinds of garbage. Cans, beach balls, float rafts, broken equipment, and also goes for things like trees in the river, or brush in the river thatʼs a hazard to boaters.

Our members on regular occasions will organize outings to go cut up wood out of the creeks, to clear it for other people to come.”


Conserving rivers with sizable donations

TRPC makes regular, sizeable donations to the whitewater conservation and safety efforts.

Donations by TRPC, Jeff Englert, Chairperson:

"TRPC donated $500 to help build the road to the Cheat Canyon, Lower Big Sandy takeout road. TRPC donated $500 to the West Virginia Rivers Coalition to help clean the chemical spill. TRPC gave $500 to Friendsville. TRPC gave $560 towards the McConnel’s Mill Ramp."


Conserving rivers with member generosity

TRPC members give a lot through the club, and give even more beyond the club.

The McConnells Mill Ramp effort, and member extra effort, Jeff Englert, Chairperson:

“When you go to run Slippery Rock Creek, thereʼs a portage that you have to do around McConnel’s Mill. When you walk around, and you go to put your boat back into the river, you have to walk down a steep hill. And the steep hill had huge, slimy, moss-covered boulders that were perfect for busting up an ankle, or dropping your boat, or hitting your head, or breaking a paddle on. So the state came along, cleared the brush out of one area, and put rock down to fill in between boulders. They put in some timbers to retain the stone, and made a ramp down to the water.

We made a gift for that ramp.

Members made a gift. TRPC made this gift, $560, but members made time gifts that were in addition to that. People showed up to cut up the brush.”


TRPC cares about whitewater conservation, doing their part in Southwestern PA.

Please support your favorite watershed by joining one or more of the following organizations:


  1. Mountain Watershed Association (Youghiogheny Riverkeeper)
  2. Friends of the Cheat
  3. West Virginia Rivers Coalition
  4. Friends of McConnells Mill State Park
  5. Stonycreek-Conemaugh River Improvement Project- SCRIP



  1. American Whitewater
  2. American Rivers
  3. Clean Water Action
  4. International Rivers Network
  5. Pennsylvania Organization for Watersheds and Rivers



  1. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  2. Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
  3. Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
  4. West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection
  5. West Virginia Division of Natural Resources


To contact your elected officials about an issue:


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