Three Rivers Paddling Club Members

Why Join Three Rivers Paddling Club?

Paddling Skills: Club Events, Education and Articles

You have the gear. You don't know how to use the gear.

"I started kayaking and I just kind of taught myself. Then I a couple bad swims and I was like, “I had better take lessons and meet some people who know what theyʼre doing..."

I was kind of just starting out, getting better. I didn't know if I was ready, didn't know anybody. I showed up, met a bunch of people, and had a great day on the river. That was awesome. Big confidence builder, going down the Cheat the first time. Just meeting a bunch of new people, having them take me down and learning everything about the Cheat with them, and surviving a new run. First descent for myself"--Zach Yomboro

Find yourself in a similar boat?

When you need instruction, you want a club full of the clinics and kayakers and canoers to help you.

"I spend most of my time teaching. But I still go on class V, IV stuff. I go on extended river trips and whatever. It's camaraderie. And people stepping up and becoming good boaters. They can go on and do tough rivers. Upper Yough, Upper G.

I do classes and trips probably about a hundred a year. I teach people how to run waterfalls, we have a waterfall clinic. We do serious whitewater"--Jeff Prycl

Through TRPC's Club Events, Educational Sessions, and Articles, there are constant opportunities to learn and to build boater buddy bonds. Paddlers enjoy learning with people at their level from seasoned instructors. Members share river stories 'round tables spread with dips and roast hog. Boaters meet up for weekly Loop Run. Smack disseminates. TRPC is the place for you to grow in every way as a paddler.


When you feel you have the skills, there are even better benefits.

"What keeps me in the club is the camaraderie. The ability to meet other people who enjoy the same thing I do. Paddling. And it's really well done at that. I really like the clinics. There will be somewhere between 100-125 boaters, kayakers, and canoers. You have a lot of people, get to b.s., and catchup with old friends"--Ralph Minto

The joy of camaraderie binds boaters to TRPC. Members enjoy giving back, teaching the very clinics they originally attended:

"The appeal to renewing is to continue to help others and give back and support the club and everything"--Greg Johnston, Secretary

"It seems to me as one of the most valuable thing I can do is to offer my time, my talent, my experience to lower boater, less talented, less experienced boater. Thatʼs the most valuable thing I can do in this club"--Jeff Englert, Chairperson

TRPC lives to give boaters the opportunity to paddle. Join TRPC and dip into the experience to get you and keep you on the water!