Join TRPC Today!

TRPC membership is required to  participate in all club events including trips,  clinics and parties. Members also receive access to a roster of club members, and newsletters.

TRPC membership is for a calendar year, memberships starting before Oct 1, run through the end of the current year.  After Oct 1, they run through the end of the following year.  You can join and renew manually each year.


To Join TRPC with an automatic renewal charge sign up here.

Membership Form

Fill out the form, print and sign it.  Then send your membership form with payment ( payable to TRPC)  to the address on the form (upper left corner).

Paddler Profile:

Fill out the paddler profile and we'll get you in the database of TRPC member paddlers.

Email us your profile image with your first and last name indicated.


To renew you membership, be sure to login first.

  1. If you are renewing (even as expired membership) Login
  2. Select either the single year or automatic renewal paypal button, which will go to PayPal® web page
  3. Login to your PayPal® account (or follow PayPal® links to create an account)
  4. Agree to the Paypal payment
  5. Return to TRPC web page using the button on the PayPal® Your purchase was successful page.
  6. If doing a renewal, the next page will have a big Back To Home Page button, click it to finish.
  7. If joining for the first time, the next page will have a Please Register Now Button, click it to continue.
  8. Provide your details (username, email address,  etc).  Note this form is setup for the “primary” household member.
  9. After registering, you will get an email with your password.
  10. Any time you Login you can change all your details except the username.

Log In

The button on the far right of the button bar at the top of this page will be logout, when you are logged in.  The membership process requires each household to have a unique email address and username.  If you “join” when you want to renew, you will encounter a problem since you cannot create a new member with the email address of an existing user (even an expired membership).  If in doubt try the password reset link on the login page to verify your not in our system.