Creeking in Ohio: No one had a pin kit… Posted by Rick

Creeking in Ohio: No one had a pin kit… Posted by Rick

Creeking in Ohio: No one had a pin kit… Posted by Rick

Posted by rick on January 02, 2006 at 09:51:17:

...Admittedly the handsome daredevil in the Blue Prijon
Rockit would have felt a little silly had he not been in
such desperate straights.

But there he was. Just like the ancient mariner, the middle-
aged kayaker was stuck. Nor breath nor motion. As idle
as a painted ship upon a painted ocean.

Having taken the "hero" line which led to a vicious, death
defying drop, he sat there in his boat at roughly 60 degrees
off the horizon watching the icy cold water swirling all
over him and cascading all around the the wedged boat.

Vainly his paddling companion fought her way back up
the raging current to attempt to help her near panicked companion.
Braving the icy cold water, with her bare hand she
reached into the water, gripped the grab loop, and
tried to wriggle the boat free of the thick oozie mud that
gripped and sucked at the boat's nose like, well like two gripping
sucking things.

Then started the inevitable recriminations: Oh, why had I
tried to slide off the 6' bank after portaging the
log? Why didn't I just either walk further down the bank to
put in? Why didn't I just wade across the 4" deep water to
the sand bar with my boat and put in there like Donna did?

"Why? Why? WHY?" I demanded from nobody and everybody.

Then Donna added her, "Whys": "Why didn't I bring a camera?"
But Donna's always been something of a whys-ass.

The whys faded as the darkness enveloped me and I got out
of my boat and pulled it out of the mud and over to the
sandbar and finished the trip.

Just another day of steep creeking on Ohio's Little Miami River.