Three Rivers Paddling Club CamaraderiePaddlers may join TRPC to build skills, but they stay for the camaraderie. Boating for hours in the awe and power of nature bonds you with something stronger than Aquaseal. Build buds and outrageous boating-stories with TRPC.

When asked why join TRPC, why stay in TRPC, or anything about TRPC, camaraderie comes up.

"The camaraderie. The ability to meet other people who enjoy the same thing I do. Paddling. And it's really done very well at that.

The only thing, the only common thread running through this group is the love of paddling. You look around here, there's no two people alike. It's eclectic.

It's fun, brings diverse people together, you meet groups of boaters...

TRPC is the ability to meet people who have the same interest as you in paddling. Paddling you really get an opportunity to relax, enjoy the beauty of nature, and just talk with people. I've never been involved in a political argument while on a river. It's all just good, wholesome talk and relaxation. As you hear the roar of the rapid approaching, talk stops, and you have to begin to pay attention. Work your way to river left. Follow me, follow this line. And then you make it through the rapid. And then you start again and laughing at everybody and all the mistakes they made, and then you hear the roar of the rapids again and you're back into it"--Ralph Minto, 9+ year member

The bond between boaters is something special, and something tangible by joining TRPC.

Camaraderie on the water

Events that bring sometimes hundreds of boaters together, like the Slip Clinic, mean you get to learn while having the energy of a group of boater buddies. Club members also get together via the Facebook page and go for runs in small groups down the Slip and Gauley.

"There will be somewhere between 100-125 boaters, kayakers, and canoers (for the Slip Clinic). They will provide instruction for anyone from very beginner to very experienced. Usually about 12 different groups. And then a whole separate setup for the youth. There'll be about 4 or 5 groups for the youth. It's a very successful program. It's held at Slippery Rock Creek the first full weekend of June. We've had it for 30 years. It always has good attendance. It's a fun program. We have dinner on Saturday night. And it's just a good time. Really a lot of camaraderie. The same group you see here will be there. There'll be some newer people. Usually we're at 125 and above, the same for Turkey Bash"--Ralph Minto

Camaraderie on the website

You can hear the camaraderie in the many materials produced by TRPC throughout the years.

Check out some of the fun articles, like Smack articles, jibing boater buddies about their less graceful days on the water.

"Princess Mary and I scouted the three ledges above Wonder Falls, then ran it down the right side of all three. This wasn’t interesting enough for Mary, so she flipped after the first one and rolled, then paddled the second two backwards. At Wonder, Mary studied the lines of those who ran the left line. Then, she ran it without scouting. I tried to stay close at the bottom. She stopped paddling four feet from the edge and closed her eyes. She almost penciled, came up four feet from the falls, flipped and rolled on the second attempt.

Princess Mary aced Zoom-Flume! Every-body else’s runs looked good"--Martin, Smack: Lower Big Sandy

Smack: Lower Big Sandy

Smack: Fritos are better the second time around


Peruse the paddler profiles. Learn about members, and what they have learned.

"Worst swim ever? I was paddling alone (anyone else starting to see a theme here?) on the first day I got my boat..

Advice you would give to new paddlers? Never paddle alone!"--Mark Konopasek, Paddler Profile

Paddler Profile: Mark Konopasek

Paddler Profile: Cindy McCormick


That advise, "Never paddle alone!," is just the tip of the wealth of learning available by tapping into the camaraderie of TRPC.

These members study up on paddling, and then the joy is sharing what they've learned with others.

"Why does this FAQ exist? boats.paddle has a high volume of traffic pertaining to whitewater paddling. When I started reading it a few years ago, I looked far and wide for a whitewater FAQ and didn't find one. After almost three years on the newsgroup, I decided that enough questions repeated to make a FAQ worthwhile. Also, I'd like to hope this FAQ helps people whet their interest for whitewater paddling, because it is a sport that gives me great joy, and I'd love to share that. Technically this is part FAQ and part FUQ --Frequently Unasked Questions. It tries to answer the questions that a newcomer doesn't know or doesn't think to ask, as well as covering issues ~ that come up repeatedly. It doesn't handle some questions that require a master thesis --such as, "Which boat is better, X or Y?""--Whitewater FAQ and FUQ

Whitewater FAQ and FUQ

The Complacent River Mind

 Join in the Camaraderie

TRPC's as fun as a swoll, sunny day on the river because of the paddling passion and curiosity of its members. TRPC has newbie boaters all the way to boaters who practically have barnacles from spending so much time on the water. You'll have peers, you'll have teachers, you'll have students, and you'll have a blast on the water. Join TRPC.

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