Budgets and Accolades by Gary McCormick

Budgets and Accolades by Gary McCormick

Budgets and Accolades by Gary McCormick

Well, now it’s November. And it is my least favorite time of the year. Budgets!!!! The Board reviewed a preliminary budget last month. I know several of us had some questions regarding some of the line items, so Barry Adams and Jeff Knechtel revised some of the figures to even out the bottom line.


This is only a budget. Some areas may see more or less income ... Turkey Bash, Slip Clinic, Thong sales, membership, etc. Some may see more expenditures. I know that I am pushing for a bigger amount to be spent on safety and education programs. In previous years, we have spent less than the cost for a box of band aids. NOT COOL.


I hope Supreme Editor, Controller of Information and Propaganda Minister; Jeff Macklin, will publish the most current revised set of budget numbers. The Board of Directors needs to address the voted approval of a budget for 2006 at the next meeting. Please come if you have any comments, suggestions or complaints. Please note, any complaints have an automatic spot on the election ballot. Yea, this one coming up. THERE IS NO MEETING IN DECEMBER.


Before I go any further….I gotta congratulate Jeff on the Newsletter…no he did not edit this paragraph in….I am truly impressed with …FIRST… the incredibly smooth, seamless transition that Barry Adams and Jeff created in putting the newsletter out. Secondly, Jeff has really researched what he was hoping to do as far as print, photos and layout. Stellar job!!!! We had originally budgeted about $300.00 for a new program….I don’t believe Jeff has even spent half of that. He is now working with Bob Sheila (webmaster) and Deb Alley (membership chair) to insure a smooth addition of new members to the mailing list, create a roster and ensure an easy time of creating mailing labels for the monthly gossip sheet.


Bob, aka ICHEW, is really rolling with our website. I don’t think anyone knew the hoops he jumped threw to save our domain name. We almost lost it!!!! We were within days of canceling our contract. Not sure if that is right term or not. None the less, he has been doing the voodoo that he do so well, so that we don’t go boo-hoo or goo-goo. Judging by the activity on the message board, all is well in ether land.


We will have a Board Meeting at 7:00 p.m. just prior to the General Membership meeting which will start at 7:30 p.m. Yes, cookies will be provided, although I cannot promise anything in the caliber of Chris Stephens’ gourmet chocolate brownies. Hopefully, it will be a little more than saltines. Accolades to Dave Mueller and his chocolate mesquite fired cookies last month. Did anyone else see the cool colors driving home that evening???


Club Officer Elections are also on the agenda at the General Membership Meeting. I believe all of the nominations are covered. But, look if you want to step up, please do.

ALL ARE WELCOME TO RUN. All I ever did was show up LATE for election night and look what it got my bald, fat butt into. Actually, it’s been pretty cool. No, I do not want to be Emperor for life…..I got my orders from “She Who Must Be Obeyed”.


The end of the year is approaching quickly, but I haven’t really noticed any slowing down of paddling activity on the message board. The only “club” events to be finalized now are the roll sessions for the winter and the annual Holiday Party. 2006 is shaping up to be a pretty cool year already. The Huebshman’s offered to run Slip Clinic again and said the first alpha dog to complain is automatically running the 2007 Clinic.


Gavin and his master, Cindy…. (ALL “CINDY’S” ARE “MASTERS” ... MY WIFE SAYS SO!) have tentatively offered to run Turkey Bash. I’m crossing my fingers, ‘cause they did a super job and never even showed up. BUT, be careful what you request of them: early launch times, teaching partners, clinic crew, did I mention early launch times??? You will probably get it … in spades.


Hey, we is open for some new ideas here. Dave Altman is in high gear with safety stuff on the line-up. He even volunteered me for a submerged entrapment scenario under Airport Rock at the Slippery Rock Rescue Rodeo. Barry Adams, amping up his role as the AW Liaison, is anticipating a bigger and better Ohiopyle Falls Race in 2006. He is also active in the ongoing dialogue to obtain more coordinated Upper Yough Releases. Turkey Bash will probably see some first time Upper Yough runs for some select paddlers. A lot of details need to be worked out on this one, though. The Haunted Hey Hey Hey Hayride kind of got rained out, but it is on the list for next year. It’s starting to look like the combination of annual trips, river festivals, club events and such that we will have a full plate of paddling stuff. I heard a rumor that Dragon Boats will be incorporating skirts to cut wind resistance and would be attending some selected roll sessions this winter. What will they think of next, road bowling???? Well, someone did…and remember you heard of it here first.


Gary McCormick